Escalator Elevator Guide Rail Cold Roll Forming Machine

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Escalator Elevator Guide Rail Cold Roll Forming Machine Features

1. This Escalator Elevator Guide Rail Cold Roll Forming Machine is suitable for TK3 TK3A TK5 TK5A hollow guide rail and escalator guide rail, customers need provide their guide rails drawings.

2. When producing hollow guide rails and escalator guide rails of different specifications, worker just need change machine rollers.

3. The whole line adopts PLC control, LCD touch screen and human-machine interface. Realize the interaction between human and PLC. The operator can automatically run (programmable control) and monitor the control process through the set program, so as to realize the operator to control the production line and modify the control parameters, and monitor the equipment operation status, operation parameters and fault indication in real time. The length of the work piece can be adjusted. Real time monitoring of equipment operation status and fault indication.

4. There are two operation modes: manual and automatic. It has the function of manual and automatic switching: in the manual state, it can operate a single machine for maintenance; in the automatic state, it can operate the whole line for production and start in sequence; the whole line is equipped with an emergency stop button, which is easy to handle emergency accidents and ensure the safety of equipment and operators.

5. Manual operation panel is set beside the machine to facilitate the operation of workers.

Escalator Elevator Guide Rail Cold Roll Forming Machine description

Escalator Elevator Guide Rail Cold Roll Forming Machine Process

Turning Blank → leaving allowance for the first finishing turning → salt bath quenching → internal grinding → the second finishing turning → hard chromium plating → polishing.

Cold Roll Forming Machine Section Description

1) Servo motor power: 15kw 

2) Gearbox: K series. K series spiral bevel gear reducer, with large torque and small power loss, is suitable for full load and high strength operation. Eliminate the old cycloid reducer. 

3) Transmission mode: gearbox transmission. 

4) Frame base: it is welded with 400H section steel and reinforced bar is welded in the middle. Stress relief after welding.The whole upper surface of the frame is milled and planed by CNC gantry to ensure all datum planes.

5) Archway structure: Archway material: ball mill cast steel casting, CNC finishing.

6) Welding materials: the frame and structural parts are welded with flux cored gas shielded wire (only one in the industry), so as to ensure the structural strength and mechanical properties meet the ship component standards.

7) Main shaft: shaft diameter: φ 70mm. Material: high quality 40Cr. Modulation processing. Tempering hardness: HRC: 250-280. After CNC finishing, the outer circle is ground.

8) Roll: the material is forged by single piece of high quality GCr15 and Gr12 materials, which makes the internal crystal of the material change, the density is higher, the wear resistance coefficient is improved, and the service time is longer. Two times of quenching for the roll finishing turning. Quenching hardness: HRC58-62. Hard Cr plating, coating thickness: 0.05mm. The friction coefficient between the roller surface and the rolling material is reduced, and the galvanized layer is not damaged in mechanical properties as far as possible.

Finished Products

Main Technical Parameters of Roll Forming Machine



Technical Parameters


Material of Strip



Width of Strip



Thickness of Strip






Speed of Rolling



Total capacity of equipment

Around 55KW

Equipment Technical Requirement



Technical Requirements


Equipment Floor Area



Feeding Direction

From Right to Left



380V, 50Hz, 3 Phase (According to different countries)

Specific Description of Roll Forming Machine Division

  1. Discharging and leveling two in one material rack discharging rack:
  1. Guide: to prevent the plate from running off during the production process, two sets of feed guide wheels are set.
  1. Leveling mechanism: the flatness of most surfaces of steel coil is not enough, which directly affects the product quality. After leveling, the surface of steel plate is leveled and the product quality is improved. 7 rollers are used for leveling.

Process flow of Elevator Guide Rail Roll Forming Machine

  1. Uncoiling – guiding – leveling, feeding – continuous bottom punching – forming – sizing, cutting – receiving platform

Main production equipment parameters of elevator guide rail

  1. Rolling capacity of the unit: width ≤ 200mm, plate thickness 1.5-2.5mm
  1. Production speed: 0-15m / min
  1. Roll Forming Section

Model A: archway structure, gearbox transmission

B frame structure: integral casting archway structure

C transmission mode: gear distribution box transmission

D roll material: GCr15, quenching treatment, hardness HRC58-62 °

Our Roll Forming Machine Advantages

  • The equipment is controlled by PLC and has multiple safety protection mechanisms during production.

  • The machine bed is made of steel plate weldment and tempered. Eliminate the internal stress and avoid the deformation of the fuselage.

  • The forming frame is of cast iron structure and tempered. High strength and long service life.

  • The material of roller shaft is 40Cr, and the hardness is hb280 after quenching and tempering treatment.
  • The mold material is Cr12, which is quenched.

  • The transmission structure is gearbox transmission, and each forming frame has an independent gearbox, which can ensure that the equipment runs in excess of time and strength, and the service life will not be shortened.
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