Cold Roll Forming Machine | Co-effort Manufacturing

Co-effort Mechanical & Electrical Technology, the pursuit of exquisite quality in the cold roll forming machine industry, the drafting unit of the industry standard for cold roll forming machines. 4 years, focusing on the development and manufacture of band clamp manufacturing equipment, lift rail equipment, shelf manufacturing equipment and highway guardrail plate equipment, and provide professional solutions and mature supporting products to create value for customers.

V Band Clamp Roll Forming Machine

V-belt pinch roll forming machines can use all metal materials as raw materials and can produce a wide range of moulds by uncoiling, straightening, roll forming and moulding.

Band Clamp Mounting Strap Making Machine

The Band Clamp Mounting Strap Making Machine is mainly used to produce a large machine for fixing the outer ring of the V-clamp of a car exhaust pipe, which is fast and stable.

Elevator Guide Rail Production Line Collection

The Elevator Guide Rail CNC Drilling Machine adopts the precision drive parts such as servo motor, ball screw, linear guide and so on.

Storage Rack Roll Forming Machine Collection

The production line integrates uncoiling, leveling, forming, cutting, punching, receiving and related processes. The whole production line is controlled by PCL program.

Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine Collection

The entire production line is controlled by PLC, LCD touch screen and HMI. By changing the rollers, this machine can not only produce two-wave guardrail, three-wave guardrail and other metal protection profiles.

Sheet Metal Decoiler Collection

We offer a wide range of sheet metal uncoilers to fix and safely unwind or unwind the rolls, controlling the speed, direction and feasibility of the work.