Cold Drawn Guide Rail Production Line For T45A T50A T70A

Recently, we are commissioning the cold drawn guide rail production line for customers, from the feeding of elevator guide rails to manual straightening machine, and then transported to the transverse moving frame by trolley, to the male and female tenon milling machines, then deburred manually, and then to the full-automatic punching device for punching, and then automatically transported to the blanking frame after punching.

Cold Drawn Guide Rail Production Line for sale
Cold Drawn Guide Rail Production Line for sale


Q: What is the speed of the production line?

A: The speed of our conveyor line is adjustable. The straightener is manual, which is determined according to the proficiency of workers and the quality of guide rail. The speed of the whole line is mainly determined by the speed of the male and female milling machine and the punching machine. It takes about 60s to complete one guide rail.

Q: Why is the part of the male and female milling machine manually, rather than full-automatic like the punching part?

A: There are burrs on the guide rails after the male and female milling machines are finished, and the burrs need to be removed. In China elevator guide rails factories, the burrs are removed manually, so this part is manual.

Q: What is the speed of the manual straightener? Why can’t it be replaced by automatic straightener?

A: It is determined according to the quality of the guide rail and the proficiency of the operator. If the quality is good and the operator is skilled, a guide rail will not last more than 30 seconds.

The manual straightening machine is equipped with a remote control with operation buttons. The operator only needs to see where the guide rail is not straight, drag it to the position of the block, and press the button on the remote control.

Moreover, compared with the T90B automatic straightening machine, the manual straightening machine for cold drawn guide rail is actually much faster than the automatic straightening machine. For example, for your 5-meter-long t90b guide rail, the automatic straightener needs to be tested in 5 sections, that is, it needs to stop for 5 times. If the section of the guide rail is straight, go directly to the next section. If it is not straight, three-point straightening is required. In other words, the automatic straightener takes longer

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