Cold Roll Forming VS Hot Rolling Forming

Why should we choose different rolling processes? Different applications correspond to different processes. It is important to choose products with appropriate processes.We have made a distinction here between the two processes.

1.Different properties

  • Cold roll formed section steel: it refers to the section steel of various cross section shapes and sizes made of hot rolled or cold rolled strip steel by roll formed.
  • Hot rolled section steel: It refers to the steel with various geometric section shapes rolled from heated steel billets.

2. Different processes

  • Cold roll formed steel: cold roll formed steel is the main material for making light steel structure, which is made of steel plate or steel strip by cold forming. Its wall thickness can not only be made very thin, but also greatly simplifies the production process and improves the production efficiency. It can produce various sections and cold-formed sections of different materials with uniform wall thickness and complex section shape that are difficult to produce by the general hot rolling method.
  • Hot rolled section steel: most of the hot rolled section steel of low alloy steel is hot-rolled deformed bar and section steel rolled with 16Mn, and the special-shaped section steel is less used. Compared with ordinary I-beam, H-beam has the advantages of large section modulus, light weight, steel saving, easy combination and connection with other components.

Different uses

  • Cold formed steel: its uses can be roughly divided into highway guardrail plate, steel structure, automobile, container, steel form work and scaffold, railway vehicle, ship and bridge, steel sheet pile, power transmission tower and other 10 categories.
  • Hot rolled section steel: In China, according to the size of section steel, hot rolled section steel has become one of the most widely used materials in various capital construction, such as rebar, axle and plowshare steel. Machinery, chemical industry, shipbuilding, mining, petroleum and railway departments all use a large number of hot rolled steel sections.

Different product surfaces after processing

Hot rolled steel is rolled in the heating state of steel. After rolling, the material surface has oxide skin, which needs to be removed by pickling, and the surface is rough; Cold rolled steel is rolled at room temperature. Generally, hot-rolled and pickled steel is used as raw material. After cold roll forming, the surface finish of steel is improved, and the reprocessing properties such as stamping and drawing are improved compared with hot rolled steel.Under the high demand for precision, finish and strength, cold roll forming is the best choice.

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