Roll Forming Machine Working Principle

The Roll Forming Machine Working Principle is the process of forming profiles of different cross-sectional shapes by passing a steel plate of a certain size through several sets of up and down pressed rolls.

The process characteristics of roll forming determine the various advantages of roll forming, making roll forming machines widely used in profile production.

The process characteristics determine the low investment in roll-forming, the rapid entry into production, the high output and the possibility of a highly automated production line.

Moreover, the equipment has high stability, high production efficiency and low defective rate. The equipment is easy to maintain and other characteristics.

Roll Forming Machine Working Principle-Cold Forming Machine Manufacturers
Roll Forming Machine Working Principle-Cold Forming Machine Manufacturers

Roll forming machine construction types

1.Arch structure forming machine

Advantages: The price is favorable, and the overall weight of the equipment is relatively light.

Disadvantages: The structure is unstable and the precision of the products produced is not high.

2.Standard roll forming machine (Guide post guide sleeve)

Standard roll forming machine is a common design method.

Generally, the frame on the drive side is the shaft positioning side, which is used to provide power. The operating side is the other end of the support shaft, and the operating side is movable, so it is convenient to replace the rolling wheel.

Advantages: low processing requirements and low production cost of the whole machine, which can be used for the production of high-strength profiles.

Disadvantages: it cannot produce multi section profiles, which are usually used for the production of products with fixed width.

Advantages and disadvantages of Standard roll forming machine

3.Quick change roll forming machine

Quick change roll forming machine is also a common way.

This way shares one host, and then multiple groups of roll modules compatible with the host are designed according to the structure of the host.

Each group of modules can produce a product with a cross-section shape.

Advantages: only one set of equipment needs to be customized for later production, so it needs to save the area of other products.

Disadvantages: if the production demand of multiple products is large, the production of orders cannot be met by replacement.

Roll Forming Machine Working Principle-Cold Forming Machine Manufacturers

Why choose Roll Forming ?

Roll forming process is a new technology led by profile forming. It is energy-saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and cold bending products.

Which are suitable for many fields, such as construction、 decoration、 machinery manufacturing、automobile manufacturing、shelves and other industries will be applied to.

Next, we list the advantages of roll forming:

It can be produced in large quantities, and the production efficiency is very high.

The production of a set of rolling forming machine has the advantages of short cycle and low cost. Profiles with different sections can produce different equipment

The formed products have uniform size standards, high precision and good flatness.

The surface finish of the profile is good, and the profile with good surface treatment can also be processed without scratching and damaging the appearance of the surface.

Other auxiliary processes can be added in the production process, such as punching, welding, embossing, etc

 It can form plates with different hardness. It only needs to design rolling forming machines with different configurations.

Compared with stamping forming, it can greatly save time and use fewer workers.

A set of equipment can produce profiles with various sections and sizes by changing molds and rollers, which can effectively reduce equipment investment and save plant space

Profiles with complex sections can also be produced

Operating Notes

The operation of the roll forming machine should strictly follow the operating procedures, so as to ensure the stable and normal operation of the forming machine, so as not to affect the production. Pay attention to the following problems during operation.

1 . The operators shall be strictly trained, familiar with the operation process of the molding machine, and can eliminate the faults in time. The operators shall carefully, seriously and responsibly implement the operation procedures of the molding machine.

2.  During the operation of the roll forming machine, there shall be no sundries on the machine table to avoid vibration falling into the roll during the production process and causing damage to the equipment.

3 .Before the molding machine is started up each time, the lubricating oil shall be added to each oil filling point that needs lubrication.

4. Before feeding production, start the machine for idling to check whether the equipment operates normally, and then feed production.

5.  During production, non operators are not allowed to approach around the equipment, especially for the molding machine with fast production speed, which may cause injury to personal safety. During the production process, the operator is not allowed to approach the rotating parts. If operation or maintenance is required, the operator must stop the machine before operation.

6. During the production process, pay attention to the operation state of the equipment at any time, pay attention to whether there is abnormal noise or vibration, find and deal with it in time.

7. One or two hours of production requires the filling of lubricating oil at each filling point.

8. Every half an hour of production, the workpiece produced by the rolling forming machine shall be measured to check whether the accuracy meets the standard.

9. Operators shall not leave the production post without authorization. If they need to leave, they must stop the operation of the equipment first.

10. Before going off duty, turn off the power supply of the equipment, clean the equipment, and form the habit of cleaning before starting and before going off duty every day.

11. Strictly implement the system of specially assigned person to start the machine, and the responsibility is assigned to each person. In case of any problem, it is easy to investigate the individual. Therefore, during the shift handover, the shift handover procedures shall be strictly implemented. During the handover, the problems occurred shall be recorded in time, and the equipment performance and operation status shall be recorded.