Sheet Metal Roll Forming(Role @ Process)

Sheet Metal Roll Forming is a type of pressing in which the sheet metal is continuously rolled to form the desired metal section and is one of the most practical ways of forming large quantities of metal that are widely used today.It is a roll forming process in which multiple pairs of forming rollers deform the metal plate in sequence and feed it forward.

Sheet Metal Roll Forming-Whats the Metal Roll Forming
Sheet Metal Roll Forming(Role @ Process)

Function of metal sheet rolling forming

Metal sheet roll forming is generally used in mass production of equal section parts. Due to the continuous forming of multiple pairs of rolls, many workpiece profiles with thin wall, light weight, high stiffness and complex cross-section shape can be rolled. In addition, the roll forming process can be linked with various process devices such as flushing, cooling, lubrication and welding to form flow operation, so the production efficiency is very high and the cost is low. It is a special process processing method widely used and vigorously promoted in modern processed products.

Advantage of roll forming

Compared with cutting and grinding process, roll forming process not only has high production efficiency and saves materials, but also has high product strength and stable quality. This process is especially suitable for machining workpieces with special length, short length and difficult to cut. Especially for products with an annual output of millions of pieces, roll forming process is the most favorable and economic benefit is the most considerable.

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