shelf back layer Roll Forming Machine

shelf back layer Roll Forming Machine

Description of shelf back layer Roll Forming Machine

The production line integrates uncoiling, leveling, forming, cutting, punching, receiving and related processes. The whole production line is controlled by PCL program.

The operator can select a preset program through the touch screen to automatically run the whole line. The operation methods include automatic control, manual control, separate operation and emergency stop.

Description of the shelf back layer Roll Forming Machine
Description of the shelf back layer Roll Forming Machine

Advantages of our shelf back layer Roll Forming Machine

1. Good quality: we have a professional designer and experienced engineer team, we use good raw materials and accessories.
2. Good service: we provide technical support for the whole life of the machine.
3. Guarantee period: within one year from the end of commissioning. The warranty covers all electrical, mechanical and hydraulic components except vulnerable parts.
4. Simple operation: the whole machine is controlled by PLC computer control system.
5. Elegant appearance: rust proof, customized color
6. Reasonable price: we offer the best price in the industry.

Applications of shelf back layer Roll Forming Machine

Storage rack, storage shelf, Steel rack,steel shelf, rack beam, Shelf side panel

shelf back layer Roll Forming Machine  Woring Process

Decoiler —– Leveling (Straightening) —– Roll Forming —– Punching —– Cutting —– Unloading
Decoiler —– Leveling (Straightening) —– Punching —– Roll Forming —– Cutting —– Unloading

Components for shelf back layer Roll Forming Machine







Main Machine

Feeding device



Roll forming system



Cut Equipment



Hydraulic system



Electric control system



Supporter/Automatic Stacker



Main Technical Parameters of shelf back layer Roll Forming Machine

Main Technical Parameters:

Auto Machinery Equipment With PLC Control System

1. Manual Un-coiler

Max Capacity

5000 kgs

Inner diameter of coil

400-600 mm

Manual with brake

2. Leveling Device

Ensure the material level and straight

The width can be adjusted

3. Punching Device

Punching way

pre/post punching (pause to punch or Tracking)

Material of punching mould

Cr12 with heat treatment

Punching Mould

as per drawings

4. Main Forming System

Max Feeding Width

as per drawings

Product Max Effective Width

as per drawings

Thickness of Panel

0.2-2.0 mm

Material Type

GI sheet coil or cold rolled coil or Aluminium etc.

Diameter of Main Shaft


Rollers Station

12 Rows

Roller Material

C45 steel,Heat Treatment

Surface of Roller

Chrome plating, Heat Treatment

Driving Mode

By Chain and Gear Box

Main Motor Power

5.5 Kw

Machine Body

Electrostatic Spraying Treatment

Forming Speed

Min. 0-15 m/min

The machine base is assembled and welded by high quality steel

5. Hydraulic Cutting System

Cutting Way

Pause to Cutting or Tracking (Flying) ,Non-stop

Oil pump station

1 set

Hydraulic Oil Pump


Hydraulic Station Power

7.5 Kw With Cooling System

Blade Material

CR12 with heat treatment HRC60-62

Cutting mould

as per drawings

Forced air cooling device available

6. Electrical System (PLC&HMI Control System)

Electrical System

PLC and HMI touch Screen (Taiwan Delta)

Automatic Measuring Length Function Available

Yes, Rotary Encoder

Automatic Counting Function Available


Current Protection Function Available

Yes, Aviation Plugs

Power Supply

380V, 50Hz, 3 Phase (as per local requirement)

7. Run-Out Table


8# steel groove welded


roller type


1 pc

(They can be modified according to customer requirements)


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