V Band Clamp Roll Forming Machine With Shear Butt Welder

Wuxi Coeffort Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. developed a special clamp machine in 2017 and has been successfully used in the clamp industry at home and abroad. It can be used as V-type clamp, locking ring band clamp and round clamp and so on. The clamp diameter range that can be achieved is 55mm to 400mm. By 2021, according to the requirements and suggestions of different customers, our company has modified and improved many details of the machine, such as oil circulation, positioning of bending head, material cooling, etc., so that customers can use it better and more conveniently.

Recently, a device for stamping has been added to the machine to allow customers to customize their own clamps

Pointing at the problem of customer waste and manual welding, we have developed a shear butt welding machine. The equipment is designed and manufactured according to the buyer’s requirements and relevant technical parameters after repeated demonstration. It is used for the butt joint of carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials with materials, including centering, shearing, butt joint and welding. It realizes semi automation. The equipment has the advantages of generous appearance, reasonable structure, strong practicability, convenient operation and good safety protection.

V Band Clamp Roll Forming Machine With Shear Butt Welder for slae

Shear Butt Welder Composition and Main Description

1 . Working platform

It is welded with high-quality profiles and plates, with beautiful appearance and high strength.

2 . Roller device

It is used for belt conveying. The roller is made of special wear-resistant materials to ensure the stability and accuracy of belt conveying.

3 . Centering device

Clamping wheels are installed on both sides, and the screw rod is driven by the hand wheel to adjust the distance of the clamping wheel to ensure the position accuracy of the front and rear belt.

4 . Hydraulic pressing device

During operation, the oil cylinder acts to tightly press the belt material to ensure the smooth progress of shearing and welding

5 . Punching device

Special cutting tools and hydraulic control are used to cut the front and rear materials at the same time, and blanking openings are installed below to ensure waste recycling.

6 . Pushing device

After the blanking with material is completed, the push cylinder acts to push the rear material forward to tightly connect the rear material with the front material.

7 . Welding device

The welding gun is driven by linear module and controlled by servo motor. The welding gun is equipped with manual adjustment mechanism to fine tune the height and distance.

8 . Control system

The equipment is operated by one person and equipped with emergency stop switch to ensure safety.

V Band Clamp Roll Forming Machine With Shear Butt Welder

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